AA Cargo emphasises overland options in Europe

American Airlines Cargo has extended RFS options in its European network, which sees more than 450 flights from the old continent every week. Every night, freight from the Netherlands, Germany and France is fed into London Heathrow, from where AA operates 20 direct flights a day to the USA.

New trucking services have now been set up from Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille and Frankfurt to Barcelona, to link up with AA's seasonal flights from BCN to Chicago ORD. Around 2,000 t a month is currently fed into online destinations for transport on AA aircraft.

At Heathrow more freight-friendly aircraft, such as the Boeing B777-300 and B787, have been deployed over the last twelve months. The company said that "the UK airfreight export market, combined with extra freight from Europe coming in through our expanded trucking network, has been key for the AA in Europe." 

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