Air Cargo Control Unit launched at Tbilisi Airport

An inter-agency Air Cargo Control Unit was launched at Tbilisi International Airport to ensure the free flow of legitimate air cargo and avoid illegal and prohibited commodities. The Unit was launched yesterday within the Container Control Programme of air cargo of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Customs Organisation (WCO). The unit will be tasked to profile air cargo consignments to prevent the exploitation of air cargo for illicit drug trafficking and the smuggling of other illegal and prohibited commodities such as chemical precursors, arms and ammunition, endangered species, and items infringing intellectual property rights whilst ensuring the free flow of legitimate air cargo. Employees of the Customs Department of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance and Central Criminal Police and Patrol Police Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will join forces to control air cargo activities at Tbilisi Airport. Courtesy: Agenda
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