Qatar rift increases booking with other carriers and its operating costs

The UAE's decision to close its airspace to aircraft flying to and from Qatar is causing a surge in bookings on other carriers as many avoid transit in Doha. On Thursday, the UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) also said it is closing UAE airspace to any aircraft flying to and from Qatar amid a growing rift between the two GCC countries. The move would ban all international flights serving Doha from flying through the UAE's airspace, and expands on the UAE's government ban on all Qatari means of transportation from coming to or leaving the country. It comes just three days after the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt announced they are severing ties with Qatar amid accusations that Doha sponsors terrorism. Prices of other carriers are stable irrespective to sudden increase in demand though that might change on the medium or longer terms if the suspensions continue The latest ban on Thursday comes just a day after the Civil Aviation Authority said it is shutting all offices of Qatar Airways in the country with immediate effect. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, too, revoked licenses of Qatar Airways. The ban on using UAE airspace is also expected to increase operating costs for airlines, which will be forced to find alternative routes to their destinations. On Monday, following news that four Arab countries were severing ties with Qatar, oil prices climbed, reaching around $50.74 a barrel, though the rise proved to be short-lived.
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