Armenia Aircompany Adds Beirut to Its Destination

Armenia Aircompany gains new markets as it adds Beirut and Tel Aviv to its destination roster. Yerevan-Tel Aviv-Yerevan flights will be carried out twice per week ?? on Thursdays and Sundays ?? starting from May 17, while Yerevan-Beirut-Yerevan flights are already carried once a week, on Mondays, from April 10, 2017. The carrier plans to increase flights on the Yerevan-Beirut-Yerevan route to two per week in June, then three per week in July. ??This is a regular flight, which will be carried out once a week, and from July to four times. This suggests that there is a demand in this direction, and we and our partner will do everything to make the flight more comfortable and accessible,?? said the CEO of the airline, Robert Hovhannisya in a press statement, while Lebanese Tourism Minister Avedis Kitanyan noted that a direct flight between Yerevan and Beirut will further strengthen the relations between Lebanon and Armenia. ??The purpose of opening a direct flight is the development of tourism and the economy in Armenia, through the development of relations between Armenia and other countries,?? said the Head of Tourism Department, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, Mekhak Apresyan. Courtesy:


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