Emirates won?t withdraw from US cities

President Tim Clark says decision to cut flights to five US cities does not signal a desire by Emirates to halt its expansion in the US Emirates remains committed to the US market despite plans to slash 20 per cent of its flights in the wake of tougher security and visa measures put in place under the Trump administration, the airline?s president said on Thursday. In his first interview since announcing the cutbacks, Tim Clark told The Associated Press that the Mideast?s biggest carrier has no intention of pulling out of the 12 cities it currently flies to. He said the decision to cut flights to five cities was a temporary response to a clear drop in demand, and does not signal a desire by Emirates to halt its expansion in the world?s largest aviation market. Emirates said Wednesday it was cutting 25 of the 126 weekly flights it operates into the US from its Dubai hub starting next month. Clark declined to detail how much of a financial hit the Dubai government-backed carrier has taken over the past three months, but he described the fall-off in passenger demand as ?significant.? ?It is not something that Emirates does lightly when it starts pulling capacity out of markets that it?s spent millions of dollars developing and operating,? he said. ?So when it gets to this, suffice to say they are falls which cause us to make those kinds of changes.? Courtesy: GulfNews.com


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