Mial's new bonded cargo terminal to up capacity by 3-L tonne

The Mumbai airport, which runs the busiest air cargo facility in the country, today launched a new cargo terminal for bonded and heavy export cargo, which will enhance its export handling capacity by 3,00,000 tonne annually. Spread over 7,500 sq m, the new facility provides exclusive handling for heavy, odd size and bonded cargo, the airport said in a release, adding, it provides a one-stop solution for bonded cargo with dedicated channel for cargo admittance, X-ray screening and palletization. While the export light consignments will continue to be handled at the existing export terminal, this facility will enhance the terminal infrastructure, stimulating further growth in export volumes at the airport. The new facility will complement the existing export unitisation zone by increasing efficiency through faster cargo admission, swift vehicle turnaround and overall reduction in handling dwell time with new process management. "With this additional facility, MIAL will now have 50 truck docks to serve export cargo," the statement said. Courtesy: The Economic Times


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