Fog delays over 100 flights at Delhi airport

Flight operations at the IGI airport here were severely affected with a sharp drop in runway visibility due to dense fog in the morning, delaying more than 100 flights. Besides, 16 flights were cancelled for "other reasons". A total of more than 200 arrivals and departures of flights were affected on account of weather as well as "other reasons". Officials at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport said over 100 flights were hit by inclement weather in early morning hours as dense fog engulfed the national capital. Airport authorities implemented low visibility procedures, at around 0300 hours itself, which helped in carrying out flight operations in such conditions. As many as six flights were diverted and 16 were cancelled to nearby airports on account of "other reasons", officials said while maintaining . According to officials, 49 departing flights and an equal number of arriving ones were delayed as adverse conditions persisted in the morning hours. Around 94 flights or approximately 10 per cent of the total aircraft movements at the airport were delayed due to "other reasons". It could not immediately ascertained what were the "other reasons" that led to such a large number of flights getting delayed in a single day. The national capital's airport, busiest in the country, handles around 1,100 movements per day. Courtesy: The Economic Times


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